Retratos del Corazón

Healing The Past One Heirloom Painting at a Time

Retratos del Corazón

Retratos del Corazón is a unique artistic service offered by Tamara Liz, MA in Art Therapy, that specializes in creating deeply personal and healing artworks, intuitively capturing the essence and stories of our cherished elders to celebrate their legacy and provide a profound connection for future generations. You may purchase for yourself or as a gift for a parent or grandparent.

woman in blue and teal top taking selfie indoors
woman in blue and teal top taking selfie indoors

Customer Reviews

Tamara's artwork beautifully captured the essence of my grandmother's life. It brought tears to my eyes.
I am amazed at the talent and compassion Tamara has in creating these legacy artworks. Truly a treasure.


person wearing gold ring and blue dress
person wearing gold ring and blue dress
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How it works

Consultation: Sit down with Tamara to share your pivotal moments (online or at your home). Engage in conversation, reminisce your experiences as Tamara Liz explores with you the past and brings forth healing today. Tamara has questions to help the conversation flow and capture the most meaningful moments, allowing healing of the past and celebrating a life well lived.

Creation: At a later day, within 3 months of the visit, your energy is brought forward in the creative process, where emotions are translated into colors and forms. Each stroke bringing insight and healing for you and your loved ones.

Celebration: The canvas of memories is crafted into a visual legacy that is filled with positive energy. Tamara Liz provides information about the creative process, any insights and symbols she may notice.

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